Do the Math - The Moves that Matter

Monday, September 25, 2017
Redford University West
6226 University Park Drive
Suite 1100
Radford, VA
Reservation Price: $149.00

WVPEC welcomes Dr. Lisa Meyers, Simply Achieve, back for this interactive MATH workshop tailored to your grade levels (K-3 on Monday and grades 4-8 on Tuesday). Lisa will help you explore …
What math standards are new and may be most challenging for students to learn and/or you to teach?
What instructional implications do these changes present?
What assessment implications do these changes present?
As is usual with Lisa’s hands-on, high-energy workshops, you will walk away with a wealth of knowledge and gain instructional strategies and activities that will assist in teaching and learning this content – applications that can be used the very day you return to your classrooms!

Who should attend? Teachers in grades 2-8, math and reading specialists, instructional coaches and school administrators!


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